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Party Food

Get the party started with our party food selection, so while you're busy entertaining your guests, you won't need to worry as your food's already prepared. So pick your favourite party foods now with our pre-order service.

14 Mini Cheddar Cheese Straws

12 Poppin' Chicken

Order number 0142365
14 pack. 204g (£4.91/kg)

Order number 0142640
100% chicken breast pieces in a golden, crispy crumb coating, 12 pack. 156g (£6.41/kg)

12 Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls

10 Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

Order number 0142655
12 pack. 216g (£4.63/kg)

Order number 0142371
10 Cream Cheese stuffed Jalapeno Peppers (frozen). 216g (£4.63/kg)

10 Tempura King Prawns

10 Red Thai Chicken Steamed Buns

Order number 0142377
With a chilli ketchup dip. 185g (£10.81/kg)

Order number 0142646
Soft buns stuffed with chicken and vegetables in a fragrant red curry sauce, 10 pack. 200g (£10.00/kg)

10 Crispy Seafood Wands

12 Thai Chicken Baskets

Order number 0142641
Aromatic, oriental-spiced seafood wrapped in a golden filo pastry coating. 250g (£8.00/kg)

Order number 0142645
Golden pastry stuffed with Thai-spiced chicken and veg:6 x green Thai, 6x red Thai, 12 pack. 180g (£11.12/kg)

10 Mini Chicken Kievs

10 Mozzarella Sticks

Order number 0500018
With a creamy garlic and herb sauce centre. 300g (£8.34/kg)

Order number 0500019
Gooey melting cheese in a crispy crumb coating. 240g (£10.42/kg)

Smoked Haddock and Cheddar Fish Cakes

American Party Platter

Order number 0500021 - Available from 2nd December
With a golden crumb coating. 240g (£10.42/kg)

Order number 0500040 - Available from 2nd December
With garlic mushrooms, onion rings and potato wedges. 350g (£7.15/kg)

Indian Party Platter

8 Pearl Batter Prawns

Order number 0500039 - Available from 2nd December
With veg samosas, onion bhajis and veg pakoras. 17 piece/ 337g (£7.42/kg)

Order number 0500028 - Available from 2nd December
With a crispy, puffed rice coating. 162g (£15.44/kg)

12 Mini Calzones

12 Chicken Yakitori Skewers

Order number 0500038 - Available from 2nd December
Folded mini margherita pizzas.300g (£8.34/kg)

Order number 0142385
Chargrilled chicken in a sticky Japanese-style sweet soy marinade, 12 pack. 240g (£12.50/kg)

12 Aromatic Duck Pancakes

Pastry Party Food, 70 piece

Order number 0142642
Steamed pancakes filled with hoisin sauce, red pepper strips and spring onion, hand-tied with a pandan leaf, 12 pack. 156g (£19.23/kg)

Order number 0142660
With cheese straws, sausage rolls, cheese & onion pasties and chicken & bacon parcels, 70 pack. 1.437kg (£3.48/kg)

Chicken Party Feast

Prawn Party Feast

Order number 0142650- Available from 2nd December.
With 15x korma bites, 15x sweet chilli bites, 17x southern friend chunks and 18 poppin pieces. 65 piece/ 790g

Order number 0142397 - Available from 2nd December.
With 15x coconut prawns, 15xtempura prawns, 15 x pearl batter prawns and 15 x hot and spicy prawns. 60 pieces/ 600g (£8.34/kg)

Indian Party Feast Bumper 100 pack

Oriental Party Feast Bumper 100 pack

Order number 0500003 - Available from 2nd December
With vegtable samosas, onion bhajis and veg pakoras. 1.2kg (£4.17/kg)

Order number 0500002 - Available from 2nd December
With spring rolls, sweet and sour wontons and vegetable samosas. 1.2kg (£4.17/kg)

10 M Signature Ying & Yang Tempura Prawns

Order number 0500011 - Available from 16th DecemberTwo suculent king prawns in crisp tempura batter presented on bamboo skewers. 180g (£19.45/kg)

16 M Signature Handmade Oriental Snack Platter

Order number 0500010 - Available from 16th December With red Thai Chicken candles, chicken and black bean crackers, green Thai chicken money bags and prawn twists. 240g (£14.59/kg)

10 M Signature Firecracker Chicken Twists

Order number 0500042 - Available from 16th December Spiced chicken and peppers in a handmade crispy oriental pastry wrapper. 200g (£17.50/kg)

10 M Signature Smoky Chicken and Chorizo Skewers

Order number 0500005 - Available from 16th December Tender marinated chicken and whole mini Spanish chorizos on bamboo skewers. 180g (£19.45/kg)

10 M Signature Oriental Spiced Prawn Baskets

Order number 0500009 - Available from 16th December Crisp filo baskets filled with oriental spiced veg, hand-topped with a succulent whole prawn. 240g (£14.59/kg)

10 M Signature Sticky Bourbon Glazed Chicken Wings

Order number 0500007 - Available from 16th December With a sweet and smoky Kentucky bourbon glaze. 370g (£9.46/kg)

24 M Signature Crab, Chilli and Spring Onion Cakes

Order number 0500008 - Available from 16th December Sweet British crab blended with chilli, spring onion and mash, wrapped in a crisp batter coating. 288g (£12.16/kg)

30 Irish Cream Liqueur Profiteroles

6 Mini Raspberry Trifle Pots

Order number 0084026
Choux pastry balls with an Irish cream-flavoured filling and caramel sauce for drizzling, 30 pack. 450g (44.5p/100g)

Order number 0608821 - Available from 16th December
Layers of raspberry sauce, sponge pieces and vanilla-flavour mousse, 6 pack. 198g (£1.27/100g)

9 Mini Cheesecake Bites

Order number 0608823 - Available from 16th December
New-York style, with a digestive biscuit crumb base topped with a vanilla flavoured cheesecake, finished with a dusting of icing sugar, 9 pack, £2.50 each (27.8p each)

6 M Signature Raspberry & Prosecco Jelly Shots

M Signature Belgian Chocolate Truffle Bites

Order number 0608825 - Available from 16th December
Juicy whole raspberries floating in a delicate sparkling Italian wine jelly, 6 pack. 360g (97.3p/100g)

Order number 0608827 - Available from 16th December
With a chocolate biscuit base, decorated with dark and white chocolate stars. 300g (£1.17/100g)

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